I'll keep it short. No one wants to read a large paragraph of monotonous words. Large paragraphs are intimidating. Those heavy blocks of words are rarely ever worth reading anyways. One treats paragraphs with the same indifference one treats a brick. When passing a brick, you do just that. You pass it without a thought. However, if the brick is broken up into pieces, and scattered along your path you become curious. (Silly I know, but let's move on.) The same goes for rogue paragraphs of never- ending lengths. You skip right over them without a second glance. However, if the message is conveyed with a numerous number of spaces, people become curious and intrigued. Even if the message is pointless. (Very much unlike this one.)

On a more productive note, I am a self proclaimed book snob. They consist of roughly 80% of my possessions. I play Tetris on my book shelves every time I bring home a new one. I've worked with books and loved every second of it, however dangerous it was for my paycheck. (I still find myself organizing shelves in book stores.) All I am trying to do, is share some of my best experiences.