Friday, January 3, 2014

Fables: Legends in Exile Volume I

Volume I
Written by: Bill Willingham
Artist: Mark Buckingham
Published by: Vertigo

Read if:
1) You always thought classic fairy tales were a little too perfect.
2) You always thought Snow White was a bit bitchy.
3) You enjoy seeing familiar characters in a different light.

The Find

     Fables? Hmmm...alright. That warrants a quick glance. Classic fairy tale figures? New York? Cover-up? MYSTERY?! Well done summary on back cover. Well done. You have succeeded in intriguing me. Such were my thoughts while browsing my local comic book store. So of course I bought it, read it, and sighed in sadness when I had finished it. Now of course this is only the first volume and there are plenty more to go, along with a few other spin-offs. I will get to these eventually and when I do I will devour them in the same manner in which I devoured this one.

Background Info

     Alright, here we go. Imagine every fantasy character you've ever heard of as a child and even ones you are not familiar with. Now, throw them all together and place them in our modern society. Oh yes, this is a recipe for greatness.The fables were kicked out of their homelands and worlds by horrid creatures who follow the command of "The Adversary." All of the survivors banded together and escaped into our modern world. And where else should such a large variety of colorful characters find refuge? New York City of course.

     Here, they set up a society, organize themselves, and create new lives.Those of the fables that were human or could afford to buy potions to become human (From witches of course) were allowed to live in the city and carry out normal lives. However, those that were not passable as humans (Such as the 3 little pigs) had to live in a secluded little village of their own. This place they called "The Farm." Both The Farm and the true identities of the fables were kept strictly secret to the mortal population.

Summary of Vol. I

     The first volume revolves around a wonderful little detective story. Snow White's sister, Rose Red (Get it? Rose Red Snow White. Wonderful) has been reported missing and possibly dead by her boyfriend Jack. Last name Horner, more commonly "and the bean stalk." Now, my favorite aspect, guess who the detective of Fabletown is? None other than Mr. Wolf. Done with a life of cross-dressing, trickery, and blowing down houses, he now solves the problems of the people who used to fear him.

     Snow White, for multiple reasons, assists him against his will in his investigation. For one, it's her sister who is missing so who can blame her for wanting to be involved.  Also, despite Ole King Cole's Title of mayor, Snow as the deputy mayor, is really running the community. Finally, she is a stubborn woman who always gets her way.
Evidence A
     I'm going to be good and not tell you anymore. I'm afraid of divulging too much information and ruining the story for anyone who has yet to read it. Because if I go on, I will ruin it. So here I go. I'm stopping.

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